Volunteer Opportunities

How You Can Help!

Every day volunteers improve the lives of animals at the SHSThe following links will provide you with a brief overview of ways in which you can help animals at the SHS.

After completing a volunteer application, you will contacted by our Volunteer Coordinator. At that time, we will discuss each of the tasks below and more!  You will be able to ask any questions and work with the animals.

The SHS is always looking for new and innovative ways to meet the needs of the animals in the community, as well as in the shelter. Additional volunteer opportunities become available all the time.

Whether you can donate 1 or 2 hours a week or spend all Saturday afternoon, all of us at the SHS, especially the animals, will be grateful for your gift!

Learn more about some of our most popular volunteer opportunities...

Dog Walking

Walk, train, and groom dogs. A spirited game of fetch or a brisk walk can have an incredibly positive impact on a dog's day.
Learn more.

Cat Comforting

Come spend some time with catsFeline enrichment is more than spending quality time with cats and kittens.  There are a variety of projects you can work on to improve the stay of felines in our care.
Learn more.

Dog Bather

Help us keep our puppies and dogs looking their best for adoption! Puppy and dog bathers are in constant demand. 
Learn more.

Kitty Caretakers at PETCO and PetSmart

PETCO on the east side and PetSmart on the west side feature some of our adorable adoptable felines. You can help our homeless cats and kittens by taking care of them and advocating for them at our adoption locations.  Learn more. 

Humane Education Assistant

SHS believes that attitudes can be positively influenced through education.  All of our programs are enhanced by the help of volunteers. 
Learn more. 

Fundraising and Special Events

Volunteers help to raise funds that support the Spartanburg Humane Society's lifesaving programs and services.
Learn more.

Other Ways to Help

If you want to volunteer for animals, but can't make it in to the shelter, there are many other ways you can help!
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