Veterinary Clinic

Exceptional and Affordable Care for Pets

The SHS Veterinary Clinic provides veterinary services for pet owners in the community, people who adopt their new pet from the SHS, and animals who have been neglected or abused by irresponsible pet owners. Our highly skilled veterinary staff provides for the medical needs of over 25,000 animals every year.

Low Cost Vaccination Clinics

Dogs on leashes and cats in carriers are welcome at vaccine clinics. Vaccination clinics are held every Monday from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Rabies vaccinations as well as other important shots are available starting at $9.00. SHS also offers permanent microchip identification for a low $15.00 at the clinics.

Keeping pets current on vaccinations is important to protect them from potentially deadly viruses but annual health exams are just as critical to keeping your pets healthy. Remember, catching medical problems early can avoid more serious illness later.

Permanent Microchip Identification

Smaller than a dime and livesavingA microchip ID is a small chip, the size of a piece of rice, injected into the fleshy area between your pets shoulder blades much like a vaccination. This chip contains an identification number unique to you and your pet.

Shelters and veterinary clinics are armed with scanners that will show your pet's ID number when scanned and return him home quickly and safely if he becomes separated from you.

Provide your dog or cat with a microchip at the Humane Society for only $20 for walk-ins or $15 for appointments. Microchips are also $15  at our vaccination clinics on Monday from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.!

Guardian Angel Program

Swiss is an SHS Alum!The Guardian Angel fund allows us to provide  medical treatment for otherwise adoptable animals who arrive at SHS either sick or injured as a result of being mistreated, neglected, or abused.

By covering the cost of treatment, Guardian Angels partner with the SHS to remove financial obstacles to adoption. 

This life-saving fund relies on the generosity of donor support. Become a Guardian Angel.