Veterinary Care for Pet Owners

Veterinary Services for Low-Income Pet Owners

Jaws is an SHS Alum!The Spartanburg Humane Society Veterinary Clinic is now offering limited veterinary services for low-income pet owners.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!  Preventative medical care is as important for your pet to stay healthy as it is for you.  Annual physical exams, vaccinations, and  parasite protection are all very important for the overall good health of your furry family members.

When these things are not done, you are putting your pet at risk for serious health problems.  It is much easier -- and less expensive -- to prevent illness than to try and cure a disease once it has taken hold.

The Spartanburg Humane Society  believes that no animal should need to be relinquished because of minor, treatable medical conditions. If you think you cannot afford to give your pet the care it needs, we are here to help!

If we are unable to treat your animal at this time, please call your local vet for their pricing!

Services we offer:

The SHS Veterinary Clinic is pleased to offer wellness services and treatment for minor illnesses and injuries. 

Flea Control

Heartworm Testing




Fecal Exams and Deworming



Feline Leukemia/FIV Tests

And More!


We are not able to accept patients for major surgery or emergency care at this time.


Click here to see if you qualify to use our low-cost veterinary clinic.