Veterinary Care for Adopters

Veterinary Care for Adopted Animals

Cocoa is an alum!The SHS wants your adoption experience to be as positive as possible.  We consider every adoption not as the end of our relationship with that lucky pet, but as the start of a new relationship with that pet's new guardian -- You! 

We want your adoption to be successful!

Low cost veterinary care for recently adopted animals is just one of the many support services we offer. 

Every adopted pet receives a free health exam at many participating veterinary clinics in Spartanburg County (as well as 30 days free pet health insurance!).

For pet owners who do not have a relationship with a veterinarian, we also offer a free exam as well as low cost follow up health services at the SHS Veterinary Clinic. This program is designed to offer adopters who may not have a family veterinarian access to affordable health care for their new pet.

Anytime you bring a new pet into your family, you should be prepared for follow-up veterinary visits. Whether you adopt from a humane society like the SHS or acquire your pet elsewhere (we like the first option better), minor medical issues may come up. In the case of young animals, booster vaccinations or repeat treatments for common intestinal parasites (worms) are often necessary.

Unlike pet stores or flea markets (which are motivated by the sale), we care about you and your adopted pet and want to help you and your new companion get started out on the right paw! 

We start this process when animals first come under our care and continue it as we constantly monitor their health during their stay at the SHS.  

SHS low cost veterinary care for adopted animals is one of the ways we support you and your pet after you go home!  If you have a medical question about your new adopted pet contact us by email or call 864-583-4805 ext. 115.

We also offer support services for behavior questions and low cost dog training for adopted pets.  Read more!