Surrendering Your Pet

Surrendering Your Pet to the Spartanburg Humane Society

Giving up a pet is a very difficult and emotional decision.  At the SHS, our goal is to help you keep your pet at home.  

If you are considering giving up your pet because of a medical condition and would like help, please contact the SHS Veterinary Clinic.

We understand that some circumstances cannot be overcome and we offer shelter and care for these pets.  If you need to give up a pet, our animal receiving department is open 6 days a week: (map)

Monday - Saturday, 9:00-11am, 12-6pm
Closed on Sundays

The Spartanburg Humane Society has a very high standard of care for all pets in our shelter. This includes essential vaccinations and boosters, screening and treatment of intestinal parasites like round worms and hookworms, screening for feline leukemia or heartworm disease, and regular flea control, not to mention healthy food, a clean environment, and TLC.

We want to provide your pet with the best possible care we can for their well being and in order to give them the best possible chance for adoption into a loving home. We need your help to make this possible. We ask for a minimum service fee when you are turning in your pet or pets. This fee is due when your pet to us. The amount depends on the type and number of pets you are turning in.

These amounts are only minimums and do not cover the full cost of care that pets receive.  Please support this care as generously as you are able.

Pets from Spartanburg County

  • Single dogs, cats or rabbits require a fee of $25.00 each.
  • Litters of puppies or kittens require a fee of $35.00 per litter.
  • Mother dog/cat with the litter of puppies/kittens require a fee of $50.00.
    If you want to keep the mother dog or cat, we want to help you reduce the likelihood of additional unwanted litters. You will be provided with a voucher for $25 off the cost of spaying or neutering your pet at Animal Allies.

Animals from outside of Spartanburg County

We hear from many pet owners who are willing to travel from outside of Spartanburg County in order to give their companion the benefit of care at our shelter. We want to remain available for these pets, however, we must ask for additional support:

  • Single dogs, cats, or rabbits require a fee of $40.00 each.
  • Litters of puppies or kittens require a fee of $50.00 per litter.
  • Mom and litter require a fee of $75.00.

Returned pets adopted from the Spartanburg Humane Society

No fee is required for returned pets adopted from the SHS within one month of return. After one month, the return fee is $25.00.

Other Pets

  • Large birds like cockatiels or parrots, or exotic pets like lizards require special care and special food. In order to ensure that we can provide this care, we must also ask for a minimum fee of $20.00
  • The fee for smaller "pocket pets" like hamsters, smaller birds (like parakeets or finches), guinea pigs, or hamsters is $20.00.
  • The fee for multiple small animals is $40.00.

If you have questions about these fees, you can contact us at (864) 583-4805, ext. 116.