Rescue and Placement Partners

Chloe found a new home via an adoption partner!The Spartanburg Humane Society (SHS) works with local, regional, and national rescue groups, which we refer to as placement partners.  If your group shares our commitment to placing medically and behaviorally healthy animals into loving forever homes, we want to partner with you!  

SHS Rescue Department

What does it take to be a placement partner?

We request the following documents (if applicable) from all potential placement partners.

What can partners expect from the SHS?

Our goal is to identify animals who complement partner resources.  We know that the sooner you are able to place an SHS animal, the sooner you will be able to accept another into your program.  We will disclose all known medical and behavior history related to any animal we attempt to place through your program.  This will allow you to determine if you have the resources to assist.   We also provide documentation of all medical procedures provided to the animal while it was under our care.

For more information on specific services and follow up care, please visit our placement partner details page.


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